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Here's one for ya


Here's one for ya

I have a 17" Hercules 920 DVI Monitor which has worked flawlessly with Windows XP. I had noticed when I first bought it a few years ago that during boot up it temporarily goes blank saying "DVI no signal" before the login screen appears...but it comes back on when the login screen eventually does appear... so no problem.

However.. in Vista 90% of the time it gets to just before the login screen and again says "DVI no signal", then just goes in to standby mode (presumably because it gets no signal for too long a time). On very rare occasions Vista "makes it" in time and the login screen wonderfully appears.

Any idea's on a fix for that! ??!! :?
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Here's one for ya

Turn the PC on with the monitor off, then wait a moment before turning the monitor on. By the time the monitor has woken up the signal from the graphics card should be there.

A little inelegant perhaps, but it should work Cool

Here's one for ya

hmmm will try...

Not sure tho as the monitor displays straight off (from POSTing onwards). I t only looses signal between the the WIndows Vista splash screen stage and login screen stage.

but as I say... worth a try, will report back
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Here's one for ya


Other people seem to be having problems with this. There may be some pointers in the discussion which will help you.


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Here's one for ya

have you tried resetting the vga in the vista/xp boot screen
then reset your settings to suit?

f8 on boot i do believe