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Help setting up a Public facing Lan Drive

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Help setting up a Public facing Lan Drive

Hi All,

Essentially I have a static IP (say IP Address x.x.x.80)from my ISP. My router connects to the ISP on the outside port. Port 1 of the four port ADSL Router (Safecom) connects the inside to a wireless router. The wireless router connects the network. This works, I have full internet connectivity.

What I want to do is add a LAN Drive to Port 2 of my Safecom ADSL router (say IP and allow a second public IP Address (say 80.x.x.81) route/nat to that IP through either IP Address or domain name. I can access the drive internally but I cannot externally. I need help in getting the drive visible to the outside world but protected. Port Forwarding is not an option unless I am using the second Public IP address. Domain name is setup correctly to work, it's just the router configure that is the issue.

The DMZ is not a viable option, although the Lan Drive will be protected I still want the protection from the router and the DMZ opens the device fully to the outside world.

Help Appreciated



Help setting up a Public facing Lan Drive

Its a bit hard to follow what you are doing if you have one fixed ip that is all you need. You then forward the port for the device/service you want. So with the one ip you forward port 80 to a webserver and port 21 for ftp there is no need for 2 ips. It secure as only the port that is forwarded will reach the pc.

The Safecom ADSL router which is a Origo router can not have 2 wan ips in nat mode

Help setting up a Public facing Lan Drive

ftp would be the best option. get a nas with ftp server, even if you are already running a public ftp server you could the nas map to a public different port.

Help setting up a Public facing Lan Drive

what "drive" are you trying to use?