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Help needed selecting CD-R


Help needed selecting CD-R

Soon my household will have 2 PC's one with a 52* CD (MSI X52P) writer and one with a DVD COMBO (LG GSA4160B) which writes CD's at 40*
What speed of CD-R disc should I buy, would 52* work with the DVD combo which has a max speed of 40*
What is the difference in practice between writing at 40* and 52* is 52* likely to be noticeably faster
I see that CD-R come in different lengths 74, 80 and 90 minutes but can find no mention of speeds in the manuals for either drive. Is this only an issue for audio CD's if so what length is used for PC work
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Help needed selecting CD-R


The Speed of the media - is the fastest it can normally and safly writen too at.

Eg 40x CD-R can only or should only be writen at max 40x speed. You can write at slower speed to this media - for example at 16x etc.

So in anwser to your first question - Yes - 52x media will work in borh drives but he DVD Combo will only be able to write at max of 40x.

To work how long it will take to write a CD - Divide the lengh of CD by the speed.
Eg. 74Mins CD / 40x write speed = 1.85mins.

Most CD writers can write to 74mins (650MB) and 80min (700MB) CD fine but using the 90mins CDs - you have to use what is called 'overburn'. Not all CD write support this and if there do , to what degree is drive dependent.

Hope this helps