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Help With Removable Storage


Help With Removable Storage


I wondered if anyone could help me just recently I have noticed that when I
connect my psp to my computer through the usb connection that it recognises
the hardware on the computer but when I go onto my computer to view what
is on my psp I am unable to view it is there something that could be done
to rectify this if anyone could reply it would be a great help.

Help With Removable Storage

Sometimes the USB interaction with the Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo can cause it to stop functioning correctly. The best way around this is buy buying a memory card reader/writer.

I think you can actually get them at Asda Wink

The same use to happen with my Sony Walkman phone so I got a card reader/writer like the one above and it works absolutely fine now and its much faster.

Hope this helps.

help with removable storage


I said the other day I had problems connecting my psp to my computer
and being able to view what was on the device i was told to get a card
reader which I havent as yet but I thought I would try my navman sat
system I have and the same thing happened there I just wondered if
it was anything else that could cause this problem as any usb device
I connect to my computer it recognises it but I cant view what is on the
device any ideas would be a great help.
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Help With Removable Storage

It has been known for the autoplay settings which tell windows what its supposed to be looking for when its installed to change within the registry which can cause the problems your having mainly with external storage and digital cameras

You can read about the problem and the fix on the microsoft site Linky and you can download the autofix tool from Here

Once downloaded click and run autofix.exe and it will fix or replace the reg entries that are either changed missing or corrupt

This tool is only for things that appear in my computer as external storage with its own drive letter and shouldnt be used for anything else that doesnt autorun

you will need to reboot your system after the tool has run before any changes will take affect