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Have 2 users on XP SP2


Have 2 users on XP SP2

Now you can have 2 people using one pc if you have xp and SP2

One feature in the beta release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
that isn't in the final version was the ability to configure XP to
support two simultaneous Remote Desktop sessions. I found this feature
very useful, given the way I use RDP in my daily tasks, and I was
disappointed that it was gone. However, you can re-enable this feature
with a simple registry edit.
1. Open Registry Editor (Start, Run, regedit).
2. Navigate to
Server\Licensing Core.
3. Create a new REG_DWORD value named EnableConcurrentSessions.
4. Set the value to 1.
5. Exit the editor.

You'll then have support for two concurrent RDP sessions

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Have 2 users on XP SP2

If you download and use RealVNC (open source) you can open and use as many simultaneous Remote Desktop sessions as you like within your PC and network resource limitations.

It will also allow multiple users to connect to the same PC which is useful for training situations.

Have 2 users on XP SP2

RDC allows for two simultaneous connections.

This means a single desktop, with two seperate suers, performing very unique tasks through a single CPU.

What it doesn't mean, is that you are using a VNC viewer to watch another person, or fight over the controls when using it at the same time.

VNC is great for presentation, as it has better at multi-view capabilities. RDC is better for administrators, who wish to perform essential configuration changes to a system, without having to bother the current system user.