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Hard Drive help...(windows me)


Hard Drive help...(windows me)

My friend bought a 120gig hard drive, yet his computer is only recognising it as an 8gig?!?

He is using windows ME, and i was wondering if anyone here knows what the problem is? This is going to be his second HDD in his computer btw...

Hard Drive help...(windows me)

The first thing to try is enter BIOS, very usually by tapping the DEL key, when prompted, just after powering on (please note the required key may vary depending on the mobo, watch for prompt).

You then need to detect the attached IDE devices. Ideally see motherboard manual for instructions, or post details here for consideration.

If BIOS cannot detect drive, this may be resolved by BIOS update (advanced!).

If this doesn't sort it, you will never be able to appreciate full capacity with current motherboard. You may, however, be able to limit the drive capacity to32Gb, using the jumper caps. This may seem counterproductive, but 32Gb = 4 x 8Gb, and could be integrated into a future upgrade.

Hard Drive help...(windows me)

There are often workarounds to these problems.

Only yesterday we had a 120GB disk that rufused to use more than 48GB in total.

First things first, if you feel your upto it, try updating the BIOS if a update is available.

If this fails to help (like my attempt did), visit the site for the HD maker. Companies like Seagate have software that will set the disk up for you using its own utilities. This includes formatting them (rather quickly too).

You can them simply use (installing onto them if needed).

Hard Drive help...(windows me)

The software acarr mentions is called a BIOS overlay, such as Maxblast for Maxtor drives. The Overlay programmes sits on the boot sector of the drives and translates the drive parameters into something the BIOS can understand. You will get the full capacity of the drive with the overlay, despite what the BIOS thinks the drive is.
The overlay programmes are specific to the drive manufacturer.
Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital, IBM all have free overlay programmes available for download.
If you have a non branded drive, it is unlikely there is a overlay that will work - tough luck.