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Hard Drive about to crack up ?

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Hard Drive about to crack up ?

I am running Win98se using two hard drives. One at 15 gig which is C: This contains just windows and the internet temp files etc.
The second one is 40 gig and partitioned into several smaller drives of between 2 and 7 gig depending on what I use them for.
A couple of times now when starting windows it has reported that there is a problem with one or more hard drives and then insists on doing a thorough test on drive G: This is my graphics partition.
It then takes just over the hour to do the full test and reports everything ok at the end of it.
Has enyone had similar and is this a sign that my 40 gig drive is about to expire?
Comments welcome.
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Hard Drive about to crack up ?

I wouldnt rely on 98's chkdsk, but if you can try the trail version of partion magic and run its HD Fault scanner, but be warned its slow.

Only issue I have that simmilar but is using NTFS not Fat32, if mounting an ISO image, when unmounting sometimes the software tries to unmount the partion the ISO is on so gives a HD error. which chldsk in 2k Pro usually fixes if not partion magic does
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Hard Drive about to crack up ?

May I respectfully refer you to a vaguely similar problem I posted in August (subject Win2000 Scandisk) where a problem occurred in the Win ME half of a dual boot.

You were kind enough to pass a comment after the fix.

However the fault which showed up in Win 2000 actually lay with Win ME and not Win 2000, this in turn was a carry over from the previous installed Win 98SE.

There is a patch available from Microsoft for the ame problem in Win 98 as well as Win ME (check the post or MS website for details) which sounds very familar to your problem.

The first question you need to ask yourself for this one is; have you re-installed your OS(s) recently if so you may well have lost the patch if it was installed.
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Hard Drive about to crack up ?

Thanks for the replies.

I had forgotten all about the earlier post but it was in July not August so it took some finding :lol:

As to the windows patch, as far as I am aware I have all the patches up to date on this version of windows so it shouldn't be that.
Why does it only want to check drive G: ?
I have D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K on this particular drive so it seems very odd that just drive G is reported as suspect?

I do have the full version of Partition Magic 5.0 so if it happens again and version 5.0 has the check disk version on it I could try that.
In the meantime though I think I'llcopy all my G drive to another PC on my network just in case.

THe best way is

go to the HDD manufacturer, website and download their specific diagnostics SW to test the HDD in question. Thi process will create a bootable floppy that you will use to start your PC from DOS.

There are several different tests you can run, that will test all the bits and bobs that are part of the HDD. Some tests are Read Only and can be repeaded as many times you want. In the IT dpt where I work I let the tests run overnight.

If a problem is found, I normally save all the data and then I run a LowLevel format, that may last a few hours is the HDD is large. Once this is done, partition the HDD, format it in the normal way, then run the same read test again a few times.

If this is ok, you can assume your HDD is fine, otherwise the diagnostics will tell you to put the HDD in the bin.

I hope this helps