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Hard Drive Noises


Hard Drive Noises


For some time now my hard drive has been making a repetitive whirr... click noise on start up. Not every time, but randomly, and sometimes when I'm using the machine, causing it to completely lock. Usually it boots up okay, but just recently it's become a real pain. Lot's of whirr... clicks.. and not a lot else except the DISK BOOT FAILURE message. Sometimes if I keep trying, eventually it boots up, but this last time I've been trying for 3 days without success. Is this a terminal failure of the hard drive itself, or is it likely to be a loose connection inside?

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Hard Drive Noises

If you can no longer boot off the drive and it ha sbeen intermittent in the past then it looks like it has failed completely now. It could be a loose cable inside but this sounds unliklely considering the noises it is/was making.

If you do get it to boot, you need to backup all the drive contents ASAP as it is likely to fail completely any time. And of course get a new drive to replace it.
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Hard Drive Noises

First thing if you can get access to it, then backup everything vital to CD/DVD today.

Now could just be its old and needing the bad sectors re-scanned so there not used, which is easiest via a format.

But boot failures usually mean it's terminal, usually if the HD hasn't got enough cooling, some makes are worse for this eg Maxtor 7200 spindle speed HD's and some cope better Seagate 7200 spindle speed barracudas.

Would recommend you look at a replacement asap

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Hard Drive Noises

just a thought : if he has a dead hard drive he wount be able to read this ^_^

try booting to a second hard drive with the original as teh slave to see if you can axx it that way (less reading than from boot) or try a floppy boot just to see if u can get into ur folders

Hard Drive Noises

It could be a low leval format could cure the problem, but give the price of new drives its hardly worth it. Drives warp a bit with the weather and it was comon to have to reformat drives in the winter and summer as the tempratures changed. It shouldnt be needed now unless its an old drive.

You can often get a low leval format prog from the makers site or some software to test there drives