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Hard Disk Hotswapping under WinXP Pro


Hard Disk Hotswapping under WinXP Pro

Hi all,

Got a bit of a prob here, I’m a cheapskate and don’t like paying for software is the bottom line.

As a result, I’m trying to use a couple of Icydock mobile racks (MB122AKGF & MB122AK) to give me ‘hot swap’ capabilities for an Hitachi 180GXP 180Gb 7200rpm ATA100 8mb Cache Hard Drive under WinXP Pro (SP2 RC2).

In terms of hardware and software, the 2 PC’s are nearly identical, and even use the same generic NVIDIA Nforce2 system drivers. The differences are that Rig 1 uses an MSI K7N2G-L with 512mb PC2700 memory (AthlonXP 2600) and Rig 2 uses a Biostar M7NCG400 with 512 PC2100 memory (AthlonXP 2000), both use 64mb for the onboard graphics.

On the Biostar board I can enable / disable the HDD in Device Manager without a restart, and therefore swap the drive out willy nilly, once it’s powered down.
With the MSI board, I can disable the drive and remove it OK, but once I re-insert it and try to enable in Device manager, the PC just totally freezes, but once rebooted everything fine.

Has anyone had a similar prob using XP, or indeed advice on how I can get around this, without buying some hotswap software, or indeed if this might be damaging my drive?

Many thanks.