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HP printer info please.


HP printer info please.

My guess would be 2 tri-colour cartridges. I have an HP 5550, and you replace the black cartridge with another tri-colour cartridge.
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HP printer info please.

Hi There.

Has anybody got hands on experience of the HP8150?

I am in the market for another printer to replace my HP920c and like the look of the specs for the 8150. Does it actually use 6 cartridges or just a couple of 3 colour ones etc?

HP printer info please.

There is two HP8150... one Laserjet and another Photojet.

As you are speaking about colour cartridges, lets assume its the Photojet, as the laser is Black.

Its very confusing on the HP site

On Ebuyer, just the same, but does advise that you get one colour and one photo cartridge,

Look at the reviews on Ebuyer for the printer.


HP printer info please.

I've had HP printers for many years but i would no longer recommend them simply because of the ridiculous prices for replacement ink. Take a look at the current crop of Canon IP printers, they are fairly cheap to buy, print quality is 90-95% as good as HP, but the replacement ink is only £6 per cart (5 cart's usually). One colour cart usually cost's around £35 from HP.