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HELP needed to connect to home pc from work


HELP needed to connect to home pc from work

Hi all

Very new to this so any help appreciated. I have an ADSL router/modem and a static IP

I have some s/w which allows me to connect via http port 80 to my pc from anywhere in the world (allegedly!)

Can anybody tell me how I configure my pc/router/etc to achieve this?

I am a bit confused as if I only get one static ip assigned but have several pc connected to my home network what gives ? :?:

Thanks in advance

HELP needed to connect to home pc from work

I'd suggest looking for the manufacturers website of the router, downloading the manual for the specific model number and looking into "Port Forwarding".

Port 80 is what the router uses, if you connect to http://yourstaticip:80 and IF the router allows external connections you can log into the router setup.

If you want to get onto a PC you would require say port 4000 to be open, and then the router would be told to forward that to the PC to for example. The computers network address.

It is very easy to setup, you just need to check the manual as it varies from router to router.

Although additional software would be required if you want to connect to the home pc and send files back and forth. For example setting up FTP on the home computer.

Maybe someone else in the community could help you with a good program that will allow your home pc to run FTP.



hi phearfactor

Perfect answer, explained everything I needed

Worked fine, first time

Many thanks Cheesy Cheesy