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HELP PLEASE ! Mouse freeze problem (Windows XP)


HELP PLEASE ! Mouse freeze problem (Windows XP)

PC boots normally and mouse will momentarily work but then freezes , whether cordless or not.

Have managed to boot in Safe mode and mouse works fine.

Overheating ? Windows or drivers corruption ?

Have Norton Go Back installed so can be difficult to get Windows into Safe mode - easy way to uninstall GoBack without mouse ?

Any help much appreciated !
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HELP PLEASE ! Mouse freeze problem (Windows XP)

"whether cordless or not" Do you mean you have tried different mice and have the same problem? Norton security software is reknowned for causing problems. I don't know about GoBack but it is worth running without it to see what happens. If you can make it run long enough then use the Task Manager to stop Norton. Alternatively start in Safe Mode, then go Start, Run... and type msconfig <enter>. Click the Startup tab and you get a list of all the stuff that starts when youir PC boots. Untick anything Norton related, then click OK and try to reboot normally.

HELP PLEASE ! Mouse freeze problem (Windows XP)

Thanks for your suggestion to stop Norton from loading.

I'll give it a try.