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HELP....IE6 & possible Java Issue's


HELP....IE6 & possible Java Issue's

I am running Win XP Pro using IE6 and have the lastest Java Client installed.

My problem is driving me mad. I am a frequent user of and lately when i try and play a game which pop's up i a Java Applet window, it either will not let me press any button to play which make's my current IE window freeze or I can play for about 10 minutes then it freeze's on me and the only way out is to bring up task manager and quit process on IE.

I have also noticed i can only clear my Java client Cache when I reboot my PC in safe mode, other time's when I click on my Java client to bring up the control panel for it it just freeze's up and also freeze's my IE.

I am also having problem's with using my Gmail Webmail I cannot click on link's like Spam, Inbox work's when I first turn on my PC then after a few visit's to the page it won't let me click on them link's or to read any email's.

I have tried using other browser's like Firefox & Opera and I've run Spy Sweeper and nothing that has been found has made any difference to this and I have run a Virus Scan and nothing has been found their atall...Help it's driving me insane. I even reformatted my PC and that made no difference either...any suggestion's?


HELP....IE6 & possible Java Issue's

have you tried

This link

It gives you all the main faults and it suggests Firewall and AV are the most likely problems

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