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Flash Player


Flash Player

I've recently purchased a HP Media Centre PC and am having trouble installing Flash Player 9 onto it.

I have Windows XP operating system.

I have reduced the privacy and security settings but it still will not install.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?
Any suggestions how i can get this to work?

Thank for your assistance.
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Flash Player

What errors are you getting / what happens when you try and install it?

Flash Player

When I go to the Adobe Flash Player site I click install.
The new page opens saying that I should see the flash movie at the top of the screen when the download is complete.

Data is transfered for a ten seconds or so, then nothing.
The flash movie never shows, just the blank where the movie should be. No error messages, no warnings from XP about Active X controls or anything.

It just leaves the page in limbo, thats why I'm so confused.

Hope this helps in some wayHuh? Sorry if it doesn't.

Flash Player

just download the installer package and install it manually.

Flash Player

I had the same problem this evening also, not sure whats going on.

Here is the standalone, this should work:

Flash Player

Many thanks for your assistance.

I tried to download the standalone installer last night and had the same problems, the transfer rate was so slow that it kept timing out. However, I've just tried again in work and downloaded it in a matter of seconds.

I've saved the installer and will put it on my PC tonight.

Any ideas why I can't download this at home? Could it be my internet settings?

This makes me wonder what else I'm going to have problems with...

Thanks again for the help.

Flash Player

I am not sure to be honest, but I am thinking its more something to do with the Flash website.

It might be worth upgrading to IE.7

Or trying Firefox instead.

It may just be a problem with IE.6 as this is what browser I also encountered the problem!


Just tested Firefox and IE7. IE7 works and installs it on the browser in about 3 seconds, and Firefox diverts to another website where you can download the standalone install direct from Macromedia.

Strange, it seems its just IE6 with an issue.

Flash Player


It worked straight from the Adobe website after I upgraded to IE7. Seems to have been IE6 with the problems as you suggested.

All I have to do now is get used to this new (odd looking) browser...


Flash Player

Yeah its a pain to get use to, but after a while you will realise that tabbed browsing is amazing!

Especially using your middle mouse button to open up pages in a new tab! Wink