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Fitting ram and graphics cards


Fitting ram and graphics cards

Hi all
I am novice when it comes to the insides of pc but i want 2 upgrade my ram to 1gig ram and maybe upgrade the graphics card. Is it fairly simple or really hard.
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Fitting ram and graphics cards

its simple as long as you take some precautions.

1. put the tower case on the floor or large table, ideally with a sheet under it for any dropped screws etc

2. dont wear any clothes that build up static / wear a static band if you have one, if not remove any static you might have built up by earthing your self.

3. have plenty of light, torch or lamp; correct screw drivers unless you have the thumb head case screws.

4. have a look for the notches on the ram that mate the slot on the motherboard, this shows you how they fit on the motherboard usually, they Only fit one way

When fitting video & PCI cards they do take some force to seat but don't over do it. If say the back panel of the video card isnt quite in line, it might not fight in its slot or might be catching somewhere, so forcing it can do damage, usually it mean bending the bottom edge of the metal so it fits in to the slot easily.
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Fitting ram and graphics cards

An important thing when buying ram is to match the sticks currently in your machine. When I first upgraded mine, I used the BelArc Advisor - from Crucial ram. It tells you all about your existing memory, and other hardware.

Another thing worth noting, although you may think you're getting a good deal because the ram is much cheaper than others, you're not. Generic ram is unreliable, and generally faulty. You're much better off paying a bit extra and buying branded (Crucial is the best, and still not too expensive).

They have guides on installing the different types of ram, available here.