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Firmware upgrade


Firmware upgrade


I'm just wondering if anyone can help me. I've been having some problems with my router, like not being able to restart it from my comp and having to restart it manually. I never had this problem before, so I thought I'd upgrade it.

I'm assuming that is what the firmware upgrade is, but when I do it I get this error message:

Input TFTP Server IP Address field with error format. You must fill in the TFTP Server IP Address field. Please go back and key in this item again..

The default IP address was the IP address of my computer, but that didn't seem to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Firmware upgrade

A tftp server is a server like a ftp you will have to install one on your pc for this to work. You cant just copy the file. Tftp is a diffrent protocol to ftp.

All is not lost as they are free

or do a google search. You then fire up the server and give the router the ip of the tftp server and away you go.

MAKE sure you save the current firmware FIRST

Firmware upgrade

Thanks for your reply.

I'm just downloading the software for the TFTP server now and will install in a minute.

Just wondering how I save my current Firmware?