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File transfers


File transfers

Hey all,
Can anyone tell me how to transfer files between computers in the house.
There are 3 of us in the house all on the Plusnet broadband premier.
Is there anyway we can tranfer files i.e. work files, pictures etc without having to use msn.... not sure if i can just thought it would be quicker if there was a way to send files directly to someone rather than over the net (which can be spotty connection at times)

Thanks for any advice


File transfers

Assuming you are all using the same router to connect to PlusNet, just enable sharing on either a complete hard disk, a folder, or a file.

MS will warn against this, but as long as your router supports NAT you should be safe.

Right click on whatever you want to share and select Sharing and Security (XP) or select properties then sharing. You can give full rights or read only. Then go to My Network Places to see a list of files/folders/drives being shared. Then just drag files as normal.

File transfers

ew file sharing !!

run an ftpd internaly, means you dont have to use crappy SMB, and if one file fails to send it wont stop the entire transfer.

for a great free ftpd take a look here