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File Tranfer From Comp to Comp Query


File Tranfer From Comp to Comp Query

Hello everyone. This question has probably been asked and answered before, but I can't find what I want to know on the forum anywhere. I have 2 computers linked by a windows home network ( very simple one ) which works fine and does what I want it to do ( I just know I'm going to regret saying that ) Both motherboards have built in LAN connectors, connected by an RJ45 crossover cable about 6 feet long and both are VIA 10/ 100 mbs. I don't know if the small b is bits, bytes or link:censored, but the file transfer speed seems to be slow to me. It takes about 8/9 mins to transfer a DVD, which is usually about 4 Gigabytes. Is this an acceptable speed, or should it be faster. I have changed the speed of both LAN adaptors to 100mbs, but I still only get about 10 Mbytes/sec. My knowledge of networks is limited to my own two computers, so any help or advice would be of great help. Thanks in advance for any comments.
Regards to all, John Taylor.

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File Tranfer From Comp to Comp Query

Data transfer is specifies in bit per second, so 100Mb/s is 100 Mega bits.

This 100 has to be seperated between the actual data you transfer, and the header information. Headers are important, as they control and authenticate data, and say who the data is from and who it is for.

Transfering data is much the same as a letter. Along with the written content on the paper, you also have an envolope. This adds weight. Think of the letter as the data, and the envelope as the header.

100Mb/s is the same as 12.5MB (Megabytes) per second.

As a DVD is ~4.7GB in size, it would take 385.024+ seconds, or 6 mins 26 seconds to transfer the data.

As noted, you also ahve to account for the header information, so 9 mins would be acceptable.

File Tranfer From Comp to Comp Query

Thanks for the info. I worked it out to about 8 Mbytes /sec. Are there any tweaks for XP Pro to possibly increase it a bit, or is this as good as I'm going to get ?
Regards, John Taylor.
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File Tranfer From Comp to Comp Query

You are limited by the network card/physical link speeds. To go any faster you would need to invest in Gigabite Ethernet cards which run at 1000Mbits/s i.e. 10x faster than you currently have.