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Faulty Modem


Faulty Modem

I use the Binatone ASDL 500 and it was working fine until the 8 meg upgrade earlier this year. Now I have to reboot at least once a day as it freezes.I thought it might be the USB port but I have tried it in various ones and it still does it.Sometimes I can disconnect and reconnect but most times I have to reboot.Even then I have to take the cable out and reinsert it for it to be recognised. It could be a fault in my motherboard.
Any ideas before I use the support page.


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Faulty Modem

It may be time to upgrade to a router :!:

One suggestion, try connecting your modem via a powered USB hub. (If you have one, do not go out and buy one, your money will be better put to that router.) ADSL modems tend to take the maximum permitted power (500mA)for a USB device, and some motherboards struggle to provide that, which can in turn cause unpredictable behaviour. And an increase in sync speed will (more then likely) cause an increase in power consumption from the modem.