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External hard drive

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External hard drive

Any recommendations on up to 300GB Usb 2.0 ext hard drives?
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External hard drive

Someone asked the same question a few weeks back, a search of the forums should reveal that thread.

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External hard drive

Morgan Computers have a few:

I got a couple of 320GB Toshiba drives for work a few days ago for £ 70 each. They don't appear to have any of those in stock at the moment, but they might reappear in a few days.



External hard drive

PC World had some TV ads not long ago, for 320 GB costing 79.99. Looks like they have gone back up (129.99) now, but they have a web deal on the Western Digital WDG1UB3200E (item 437201 ) at 94.99 +4.99

I don't have one of those - I bought a USB 2/Firewire case for about 15 quid (it's big enough to put a 5.25" CD drive or 3.5" HD in (*)) so I can plug it into my XP PC (USB) or Apple iMac (Firewire), and am using some 10, 20, 40 and an 80 GB HD for the moment as it was a cheap option (with already having some drives here) for now. When I get chance to buy a big storage box, I'll clear these smaller drives and re-use them to be able to take software/films/music with me when visiting friends.

I had seen (on Ebay) some new 320 GB network storage boxes at about 115 inc delivery. Based on the Sumovision "SV 8989" unit (50 quid inc VAT) to plug into a LAN as a file store.

It's more flexible than just USB in case one wants to offer access from a router, and thus allow internet access to the box. A friend found a Freecom 250 GB ethernet unit for about 100 quid.

Sorry if those options have no appeal - just to give a few other ideas for anyone else looking in later...

(*) The fan on mine is quite noisy, and because it's a 3.5" drive in a big box, I sometimes disconnect the fan - I don't have the central heating on yet, so the drive doesn't seem to get hot anyway! That Freecom unit had no fan and was quite a small box. I'll have to pop around and see whether it gets warm to the touch! (He hadn't plugged it in last time I was round - had 2 or 3 PCs to move into another room, so it was low priority)