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External Hard Drive


External Hard Drive

Hello Guys
Not sure if this is the plce to post this.
Just got myself an external 320gb hard drive from pc world £69 ,not bd. Wanted to move over my music from n hard drive and also put my large cd collection onto it.
But how do i do it.
the hard drive is not formated so I got told.
I use itunes to store and copy cds to pc.

in easy to understand words can someone help me

1 format (do i do the fast format or whatHuh?)

2 tell me how to get my music over onto the external hard drive.

3 and can i put itunes onto the external hard drive or wil it have to stop on the main drive of the pc and just the music will go over

I would be very very greatfull if someone could help this dummy lol

External Hard Drive

1) to format the drive

start -> run -> type "compmgmt.msc" (without "") -> click "Storage" -> click "Disk managment" -> select the drive you just plugged in -> right click ->format (NTFS quick format).

thats that bit done

2) depending where your music (MP3 files) are stored this will very..

a) find your music(if its iTunes default, i think its c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\my music\iTunes)

--if not, search your pc (hit F3) then search for *.mp3 on your local hard disks

b)now to copy it, select it all, hit copy, browse to your new drive (will show in "my computer") and just paste it in -- make sure its not in use though (close iTunes)

c)if its iTunes downloaded music, it will have DRM on it (copy protection) so you will (if you wish to play it on other PCs) license them to play these files... see here ::

or other apple things -- never used iTunes so dunno if thats of help

3) you keep iTunes its self installed on your main drive (c:\) and you load the music from the other drive... you may also want to set the defaults in iTunes to look at your new drive and to save new stuff there when you download it.

Good luck.

External Hard Drive

How big is your hard drive? I would be looking at doing a full backup to the new drive if you get True Image from

It will create a complete backup of your hard drive so you can do a full restore if your pc crashes. It also lets you backup up your normal files and for most you dont need to know were they are you just tell it backup my Itunes.

It specifically backups up ITunes

External Hard Drive

OP said 320 *shrug*
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External Hard Drive

I think Mr Wright ment the size of his PC hard drive.


External Hard Drive

Thanks guys for the info regarding the hard drive
kind of messed it up a wee bit I have lost al the music i had on itunes folder so have to redo the collection but stil have the music files on my ipod
any way of getting the music off the ipod and back onto the new hard drive
the new itunes keeps askin if i want to update and if i do i think ill lose the music on the ipod

External Hard Drive

you cant put music back from the iPod to the PC (I dont think -- due to the DRM on it (a reason to hate iPods)

upgrading to the new iTunes wont mean you loose your music.

you have to transfer both the music files (.mp3s) then transfer the libraries for iTunes as well so that your organisuation stays the same, a reason to hate iTunes -- why even use it!:S

External Hard Drive

There are a number of applications that claim to be able to transfer music from an iPod back to a hard drive. Have a look at this article:-,72132-0.html?tw=wn_index_4

External Hard Drive

fair play, i guess the iTunes DRM was broken so it must be possible.