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External DVD Writer

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External DVD Writer

I'm looking to get an external DVD/CD writer, mainly to store stuff with.
I don't even have a CD writer at the moment.

Does anyone have any experience of good makes, or ones to avoid, please? I'd prefer one that comes bundled with decent software.

Also, does it matter what media you get? You can get very cheap blank CDs and DVDs, but is it a case of you get what you pay for?
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External DVD Writer

Are you sure you can't get an Internal one?

External DVD-RW Drives are still quite slow and expensive.

I've used a few of these in Customers' PCs without problems.

External USB CD/DVD


I have some limited experience of external DVD/CD drives which also record & write. I set up an external USB attached DVD/CD drive for a friends machine. NOP!! its very fast and works fine but the prices was around the £90 mark if my memory serves me.

**Sorry! I'm racking my brains for the name of the maker but still cannot recall it though. However, I've seen that external CD-RW USB drives are considerably less costly than the DVD/CD External drives. Iomega do an external CD-RW USB drive for around £50 whilst Sony do an external DVD/CD USB drive but its over £100.

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External DVD Writer

Or you can buy a caddy and internal drive, a few screws later and bingo you have made your own external drive, alot cheaper and very easy to do.