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Excel default user folder.


Excel default user folder.

Can anyone tell me the path to where Microsoft Excel will store a users files by default?

Its in Microsoft Office under XP Home and I think I have seen a Version number 4.0 but can't be sure. I don't use any office software much and only have Open Office on my PC.

I am trying to recover a friends business files from a crashed PC. It sounded like the PSU had gone and so I offered to swap it, but it turns out the PC has had a serious incident of some sort and is totally dead apart from a solitary LED on the motherboard.

I have the hard drive out in another PC but it won't boot, even to safe mode and, as a slave, is not even being recognised as a drive by a bootable CD antivirus program.

I can however see the the files on it as a slave and so I am just trying to get his important files out so that I can give it all back along with a 'backup your files' lecture.

Many thanks for any help in advance.
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Excel default user folder.

Normally they would be under the user profile in the my documents section however it is very easily changed.
Best option is to search for *.xls and this will bring up all the files.
Note that you may need to enable view hidden/system folders and also allow search in them also

Excel default user folder.

do you mean spreadsheets they have worked on or "user settings" ?

By defualt, excel files are saved in %userprofile%\My Documents when you click on save. Failing that, if you can see the contents of the drive as a slave, then just do a search for *.xls files.

Excel default user folder.

To check/change the default path;
Go to Tools>Options and click the "General" tab.
Near the bottom is where you set the option.

PS - I'm pretty certain its Tools>Options, but I have modified toolbars, so there's a chance it'll be something else.