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Dynamode USB Modem and new Mac Mini


Dynamode USB Modem and new Mac Mini

I've just bought a new Apple Mac Mini.

Is there any way I can use my existing Dynamode USB Modem with it?

I still have my PC connected but really want to get the Mac online.

Mac Mini

Hi congratulations on getting a Mac Mini.
Sorry to say that the USB modem probable won't work.
What you need is an ADSL modem/router.
I use a Netgear router
and it has proved very reliable, they also do a wireless version.
USB modems need drivers to work so every time the OS upgrades you need to upgrade your driver.
Routers use the Ethernet connection which is faster than the USB and you program the router via the browser in your computer.
With a router you could network you Mac and PC.
As for your Mac Mini check out
To make the machine fly you need to upgrage the RAM check out
other useful sites
p.s. Gmail works very well with Mac mail - no spam

Dynamode USB Modem and new Mac Mini

Ok thanks, I'll look around for a new modem/router.

The mac is really cool - already slotted in new memory.

Its amazingly quiet and has a pretty good performance for its tiny size.

If anyone wants a change from Windows then give it a go!