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Duplicated ‘My Documents’

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Registered: 05-04-2007

Duplicated ‘My Documents’

I had to repair my Laptop version of XP (home), but after the repair installation of XP I now have 2 sets of My Documents on my c drive. When I try to delete the new set the system will not let me. Ideally I just want the 1 set (old).

Is there a way to 'get rid' of this new folder, I just like a tidy drive........ Smiley

Ideas and comments welcome, thanks in advanace.


Idea 1

This could be down to permissions

Right click on the folder and select properties, if there is a security tab, click on that then click add users and select everyone (as the system as been rebuilt and the original owner does not exist, if not then try idea 2

Tick all the boxes and that should give you full access and enable you to delete

idea 2

Assuming the drive is not NTFS (right click the drive letter then choose properties - it will say FAT or NTFS) then this might work (no point trying if it is NTFS) - also you will need a floppy disk & drive

surf to

download the Windows Me OEM (doesnt matter which alt)

Run the program - (you need a floppy disk for this) a windows me boot disk will appear

If you can rename the folder to something simple and short like "xxx"

Restart the computer and boot from the floppy (change the BIOS if necessary)

Select no cd rom support (not needed)

go to the c: drive - if this is the hardisk (type cSmiley

type dir and press return, a list of files and folders should appear, xxx should be there

type "deltree xxx" and press return, this should delete the xxx folder

idea 3

If you right click the "my documents" folder on the desktop and click properties you can select the folder you want to use, so click the move button and hightlight the old documents folder

You should be able to delete the new one

idea 4

Right click on the folder and click properties

Tick the hide box, click ok

Assuming your view doesnt have hidden folders on you wont be able to see it - out of sight out of mind as they say Wink