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Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium


Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium

Ok im building a new pc money is of little object (Sort of)

Cant decide which processor to use the 4400 dual core AMD or the 3.6 dual core p4. Anyone got any suggestions.

I've decided on these chipsets as i am a gammer, program developer and play about with flash and movie editing.

Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium

neither, get ur self an opteron, or a Pentium M (depending on what cash you have)

or wait about 3 months for the new techs to stablaise and for bugs to be fixed
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Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium

I'm pretty sure dual core processors aren't available to the general public yet. If you want to build the machine now, get a socket 939 AMD64. AMD's dual core chips will be available for socket 939 so you should be able to upgrade easily.

Otherwise, save your money and wait.

Why a Pentium M?

Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium

because pentium m can run as fast as normal chips with a reduced power output and cooler i believe.

AMD CORE are suppose to be out in 2 weeks to general public

Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium

AMD FX ## higher the number the better the chip Wink -- good for games
AMD64 ## Highter the nubmer the better the chip -- ok for games
AMD Opteron ## -- good for movie / /sound encoding // gfx rendering etc

Intel Pentium M - the mobile cpu - good all round chip, easy to Over clock, runs very good results, can beat the AMDFX in nearly all tests other than games, is less power hungry than a normal P4 (and better than the P4EE in many ways), has a reduced L2 Cache - so not the best for on the fly encoding

read :

for more info on the Pentium M

Pentium 4 Extream eddition (EE) - good for games, not as good as the FX, and a lot more expensive, has a large level 2 cache, so good all rounder, but VERY expensive for what it is, go for an FX.

Pentium 4 Dual core - Well yea these are supposadly good, *shrug* very little is known about these so i would not build a computer around these for a while as they will still be "new" which is bad, due to cost issues, and lack of supporting software // drivers // updates etc.

Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium

The Intel Pentium M is an off shoot of the Pentium 3 design. Intel are apprently going to have a desktop version for late 2006.
Intel Pentium M does have a few things in common with the P4.

As for AMD the dual core processors they are starting to trickle out. Best place to find out more info on that is on the register.
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Dual Core AMD or Intel Pentium

AMD dulecore is faster (on one benchmark test) though pentium m / centrino is the best one for laptops...