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Drive letter swapping


Drive letter swapping

I've just done something rather stupid (what do you mean again?) I've installed a new HDD in my computer, I removed the original C: drive and put the new disk in its place. I booted from the Windows 2000 cd-rom and asked it to format and load Windows to the new disk.
I ignored the fact that I have a second drive (originally D: ) and continued the reload.
I've now ended up with my new boot drive being the F: drive and the old D: drive has become the C: drive (D: and E: are by dvd drive and my cd burner).

Is there any way to swap the drive letters or will I have to reload again??
I seem to remember that you could swap drive letters in older versions of Windows but can't see where to do it in Win 2000 pro.

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Drive letter swapping

I think XP is similar so under control panel go to administrative tools then find and double click something like computer management. When run you should see something like disk management and under there you can change the drive letters.

Drive letter swapping

Right-click My Computer and select Manage.

Select Disk Management within Storage.

Right-click the drive you want to change and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

Do this at your own risk, no guarantees!! It should be fine for CD/DVD drives, hard drives are another matter.

EDIT: I don't think you can change the drive letter of the partition you boot from!

Drive letter swapping

Yes you're absolutely right, can't change the letter of the boot disk!

Ah well another reload I guess, still nothing better to do!!

Thanks all!!!

.... Phil.

Drive letter swapping

When you re-install this time, remove all other hard drives? Or at least disconnect them.

Drive letter swapping

yes u can :S

u just gotta change boot.ini

C:\boot.ini (it is there)

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

to make sure it is set to C:\

i would recomend getting Boot Magic from power quest and Partion Magic from them as well as they are both invaluable tools and inexpensive