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Drive Image


Drive Image

I don't suppose anybody knows of a free (freeware or OS) application for creating a ghost-like image of a HDD? Now that I have my full network up and running, I would like to be able to make an image of my HDD setup the way I want it, so that I can just restore the image should anything go wrong (or when I add new client machines).

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Drive Image

I dont know of any free ones but Norton Ghost is just the ticket for this sort of thing. Its not that expensive either. If I recall when I bought it the cost was about £40 and its been worth every penny.
I've even managed to recover data from a failed drive that wouldnt boot with it.
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Drive Image

Again on the buying side, Acronic true image is a gem - one of the guys here suggested it as an alternative to Ghost. IIRC it was about £30


Drive Image

You can try


I all ways recomend Acronis as its now the top imaging software and not very dear. With it you can create an image which will give you a option on boot up to restoe the partion by pressing F11. Its faster than ghost and you can take an image wihile you work its about £34.

I have never tried the free ones you have to ask your self do you feel lucky? Acronis and ghost are well proven utils that have been around for years( I beta tested ghost 15 years ago before Norton bought it) so you know your data is safe.

The free ones may be even better but you dont know and you are staking a lot on them working.

I assume you dont have a server on your network becuses if you did you could use the RIS server to take an image

Drive Image

Thanks for the tips Smiley

It's not crucial that the image works - it's just me being lazy and not wanting to reinstall the WIN apps on new clients.

I do have two servers, but both are SME, not WIN based.

I will take a read through the links you posted and give it a shot on a couple of testbench boxes first.