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Done something stupid, but cant see it for looking


Done something stupid, but cant see it for looking

I have set up a computor at my girlfriends house where she has just signed up to Blueyonder. When the modem arrived I set up the pc with no problems untill I tried to set up a second user id, if I sign on in the primary account I can use the net, email etc with no problem.

I log out and log in as the second user and can also use the net, email etc. My problem is that if on booting the pc I log into the second user, I can not log into the email account or view the web, if I then log out and log in as the primary account, log out and back into the second everything works fine until the next boot.
Colud this be a SP2 problem or have I ddone something stuipd?
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Done something stupid, but cant see it for looking

Ive done abit of research and i acant find this as aproblem with sp2. What i found was but this may not be the cause is if you are using Fast User as apose to log off then in again.
Heres what i could find out:
Switching functionality is turned on in Microsoft Windows XP, and you click Log Off on the Start menu, you have the option to click a Log Off button or a Switch User button. If you click the Log Off button, you will quit all running programs and disconnect all network connections for the current session, and the session will not remain active. If you click the Switch User button, all active programs and network connections will continue to run (the session remains active), and you will return to the Welcome screen, where other users can log on. The user's session will remain active until the computer is restarted or the user is logged off of the session.

This may let the 2nd user use the internet but not only when its already connected!!!.This way your internet connection could still be used until you shut down and restart again and go straight in as the 2nd user.

Just a thought. Login as the 2nd user and set up the modem config as you did for the main account if this accounts isnt an admin account you can hold down shift right click select RUN AS type in the admin name and password then you can with admin priveleges.

This may be totally not the right answer but it might help. Its worth a shot

Done something stupid, but cant see it for looking

The most likley cause is that the second user doesnt have permision to connect to the internet. This could be file permisions on the dialer or just that they are not admin.

Set the second user as admin amd see if that fixes it also check file permisions on the dial up dir and thirdly check you have the firewall set the same