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Do I need a new ADSL Modem/router? Recommendations?


Do I need a new ADSL Modem/router? Recommendations?

As we (PlusNet customers) are moving to faster and faster speeds I can see the possibility that my current setup (Vigor 2200 and Fujitsu USB modem) may be a bottleneck... (At least the USB from the modem to router may be?)

So two questions...

1) Is a USB modem going to slow things down?
2) Any recommendations for a fast/high throughput ADSL Modem/Router/Firewall that will "just work"?

N.b. I chose the Vigor because, at the time I bought it, there were a number of comparisons that showed it did NOT act as a bottleneck.

Now the reviews seem to focus on wireless speeds (which are irrelevant to me, I wired the house for gigabit Ethernet as wireless has a range of about 1 wall in my house) Also as I don' t know anyone with 8Meg ADSL I can't tell which would even work with it!
Keiron Casey

Do I need a new ADSL Modem/router? Recommendations?

Sounds to me, like your pretty much covered. You only need to know whether your modem can cope with ADSL2, but they maybe a driver issue rather than the modem itself.

Do I need a new ADSL Modem/router? Recommendations?

Thanks for the comments, I was/am hoping that someone (in PlusNet or on a beta program) would actually have tried the new higher speed ADSL and maybe we would get some feedback..

My feeling is it is in everyone's best interest if we know that "xyz" modems cause problems unless upgraded to some level of firmware... Maybe I'm being over cautious, but I have been in the IT industry for nearly 20 years and I haven't seen anything like this go through smoothly yet!

One possibility might be for PlusNet to encourage users to post to a "Worked/Failed at 1MHz/2MHz/4MHz/8MHz with the following hardware/firmware.." message board?

I don't move that much volume through my system, but I DO want it to be responsive especially if I know the "pipe" is big!

Anyway thanks, if worst comes to worst I'll find out in a couple of months by experience..