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Dlink Router Change


Dlink Router Change

I've just aquired a Dlink DI-524 (the 54Gb Wireless one) and was going to replace my trusty DI-614+ with it.

I swapped them over and configured the 524 to the same Lan address as the 614 was operating on and got connected OK... however every now and again (2 or 3 times an hour) the PC reports a network drop and reconnects. I'm assuming that the router isn't doing what it says on the tin... but could it be something else.

I've gone back to the 614+ but haven't gtiven up all hope yet !
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Dlink Router Change

2 things to try:

1 - reset the router back to factory defaults and set it up from scratch - you don;t know what has been changed by whoever used it before.
2 - upgrade the firmware if a later version exists.

Also check the power settings for your netcard in case it is being shutdown when idle.

Also check to see if there is an idle timeout on the router and disable it.

Dlink Router Change

It looks like half of this was right. I reset the modem and then downgraded the firmware (as I found some advice on another forum that the latest release had been know to cause the state problem)... so far so good

Famous last words after half an hour !