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Digital Cameras

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Digital Cameras

I would like to upgrade my Olympus D230.

Ideally the replacement would be pocket sized, at least 3 mega-pixel and have optical zoom. Smart-media would also be preferred.

Budget is around £200 ish and I hope Ebay will come up trumps. Can anyone recommend a "best buy"?


PS keep an eye on Ebay for a bargain - the 230 is a cracker camera! Cheesy

Digital Cameras

My best sugestion, is to buy new.

Jessops has a great search feature, to riddle out only the features you want, int he price range you want.

This is available HERE

New devices in the range, are only 2MP. I would sugest wating a few month, and saving a little more.

With a £300 limit, it returns 21 products. One of the better Minolta (DImage S414) is 4MP.

For second hand advice, I would look at EBay to see what is around. You can research only cameras using Magazine websites, and visitin the review sections, which normaly backdate the reviews (if they are available for that camera).

Digital cameras can becomes tinred easily, and in many cases, is why they are sold on for newer devices.

Think of the reasons why you want to move away from your existing camera, and remember these are just as valid reasons for people selling there own on EBay.
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Digital Cameras

I'm afraid getting a camera with Smart Media is going to be fairly tricky, for SM is now being replaced by xD. If you are willing to move over to xD, I have one recommendation, at a price of about £225: The Fuji A303: 3MP, 3x optical zoom. I myself am a fan of Fujis because they generally have excellent colour rendition.