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Digital Cameras?


Digital Cameras?

Hi all!,

i'm after a digital camera - but am way spoiled by all the choices out there.

I'm looking for one which is around £300 and comes with a lot of memory

Does any one recommend a good site and model of a camera?

Digital Cameras?

I am on my third camera at the moment. the first was a cheap digimax 750,00pix
. next was a olympus c-2 which was good,
i now have a fuji fine pix2800z which is very good £228 from ,it is a web cam to and can hold 60secs of video (mpeg) ideal for email. I like my cameras and i looked hard for the one i chose but to be honest at £300 you wont go wrong with any.Cannon are very good as I use one for work but the software sucks.
My advice would be look for direct usb connection ( if you have xp, no driver needed then, you can open up photos direct from 'my computer' and drag and drop them). i use mgi photo editor version 1 for editing etc. i have tried loads of software but mgi is best for me. the photos are excellent but it has its probs. the lcd is poor in bad light but pics are up on them and search forums for people who have the camera you fancy and see their opinions not a magazines etc....good luck

Digital Cameras?

Brilliant site!

I have already seen one I like :lol: the Sony cybershot DSC-P52.

Thanks for your help mate! Tongue

Digital Cameras?

Try Jessops and Calumet (I use these for the profession photo work I do)

Jessops provide a great search tool, so you can limit those returned to your price band, but you can also filter it to those that only provide the features you want.

£0 - £300 with 4-4.9 MP images (great for digital snaps) there are 4 results.

I would advise a Kodak model. WHilst any repair is a bad thing, let any1 try and beat this.

We have 8 digital cameras, 2 kodak. 1 Broke down after the zoom lens jamed out.

We phones kodak on the moday, they sent a courier on tuesday to take it to Germany (no UK repair centre). I got an e-mail on friday to say it was fixed. After 10 mins of shock finding it to be fixed, it arrived by courier.

Turn around time is usualy from the time it arriveat a service center. Thus, a 2 day turn around time (if that) is excelent, and was paid 100% by kodak (though courier insurance is paid for by you, I was able to pack it in so much foam, it poped out like a clowns trick).

Digital Cameras?

Cheers mate!

I will check them out also.

But not sure if will beat site mentioned in other posting as they do a brilliant mega deal with a 128MB!
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Digital Cameras?

I have a minolta dimage x it's great as it's so small so i end up taking it everywhere, it's so light too...

It's a bit old now coming up to it's first year birthday...

They have a new one out called the minolta dimage xi which has 3.2meg pix rather than 2.1 which mine has.

It may not have as many mega pix as the rest but it's so small and light though my friend has just got a sony cyber shot (blue one don't know the model num) and it's really good but so big!!!! Thats the problem i found was the size if it....

Have a look at the minolta dimage x and see what you think ....

It all depends what you are after eg small to carry about or a bit bigger and more mega pix ? i have 128mb card and it holds over 200 pic on normal quality plus video and sound recording...

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Digital Cameras?

Continuing what Acarr said, Kodak Easyshare digital cameras are good value for money However, they have very poor colour rendition: their latest cameras totally over-saturate and over-process the images. If you like saturated colours (some people do), then by all means go with a Kodak.

Regarding Cundall's suggestion of the Minolta X series, I just thought I'd mention that there is actually a third member of the series which he didn't mention, and it's called the DiMage Xt. Keep an eye out for it; it is new.

For good information about various digital cameras, have a look at,, (they won an award at a photo show earlier this year), and if you want reviews, no-one has more cameras that You can also get an online version of a monthly digital photography magazine at Finally, (and I'm not just trying to self-promote), if you're new to digital cameras have a look at the article I've got a link to in my signature.

If you need more specific help in choosing a camera, give us an indication of your needs, expectations, uses, etc. and maybe we can help! Smiley


Digital Cameras?

Over saturated images arew by far easier to repair and render than under saturated.

I do agree on colour rendition, however, I am so used to repairing images as standard.