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Deleting sofware


Deleting sofware

Posting on here a lot at the moment as you lot seem to sort out my computer problems.

Here goes, I installed WinDVD suite on my computer only to find it offers the same stuff as the Nero software already on my computer. I prefer nero so uninstalled Win DVD.

Anyway, when I now put a dvd in the drive it comes up with do you want to install the interactual player 2.0 software which I assume is a part of WinDVD.

Now how do i get this hidden software off my computer so nero starts up instead. I unistalled the interactual player 2.0 sofware but obviously its still there somewhere on my computer.

Any help appreciated.
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Deleting sofware

The software it is trying to install actually comes from the DVD, it has nothing to do with WinDVD.

Some commercial DVDs come with their own player software on the DVD which when played on a PC cause it to autorun and try and install itself. See here.

If you already have a DVD player software installed just cancel the install and use your own. If you don't then you will either have install the player from the DVD, install one of the many DVD players on the internet or buy you own DVD software.

Deleting sofware

Yep I found it on the disc Shockedops:


Deleting sofware

wow good use of google! Why would you want to view a dvd in nero anyway? WinDVD // powerDVD are far better for that kind of thing.