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Defragmentation and lack of disc space

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Defragmentation and lack of disc space

One of my HDDs (not bootable) badly requires defragmenting.. It has 76.33GB capacity with 11.11GB (14%) free.

When I attempt to defrag (Windows) it informs me that it requires 15% free and there is there is only 2% as the remainder is being Reserved System Space.

Why should 12% of the disc space be taken up? I notice System Restore is set to use 12% but I thought that was only for the Boot drive. Further investigation shows each drive can be set independently. Is it safe to turn off System Restore for all drives apart from it Boot?

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Defragmentation and lack of disc space

I have three 250GB sata drives all partitioned off for various uses and i have system restore turned off on all partitions apart from the windows boot partition which really is all you need it turned on for anyway so yes its very safe to disable on all other partitions

You can also reduce the size that SR takes up on your boot partition to around 200MB if it suits you of course as its there really just as a quick fix so you only need to keep a couple of restore points for such instances

For a bit extra when you do defrag try using Diskeeper lite its not only free to use its also more thorough than windows built in defrag