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DVD Burner problem?

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Registered: 31-07-2007

DVD Burner problem?

I got a new Pioneer DV-R 109 dual layer today (for my b/day) and installed it, in place of my old TEAC CD-R, alongside my Pioneer DV-R 107D. I installed the 109 as the slave and the old 107 as master.

When I try to copy DVD discs - whether using the new one to rip or to burn, it almost siezes the pc. It doesn't crash, but slows the movement on the screen to a judder. My pointer looks like it's moving in slow motion.

I then tried (physically) swapping the master & slave around and the same thing happens, only with a different drive. Whichever drive I seem to use as slave crawls to a near halt (instead of burning at 4X or 8X, the slave crawls along at 1X)

The only thing I've not done is to leave the drives where they are and simply switch the cables (difficult to do properly due to the cabling)

My old TEAC CD-R worked fine as a slave drive, with no problems with speed whatsoever.

Anyone have any Ideas as to why this would be happening?


Mesh XP1800Ti
XP1800 chip
1Gb DDR RAM (2 x 512)
80Gb Internal h/d
80Gb USB2 External h/d
(new) SATA PCI card


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DVD Burner Problem

Hi Dave
Just a thought but do you have a 80 wire IDE cable or an older 40, My Aopen DVD burner was a real slug until I noticed an error message at the POST screen which told me I needed the faster cable.
Boot to your bios screen and auto detect the drives, it should tell you what speed they are seen as. Don't forget that when sharing the same cable I believe the speed is restricted to that of the SLOWER drive. After saying that I just checked my drives and my DVD is running at UDMA mode 4 and the CDburner at mode 2, guess I was wrong.
Worth checking the operation mode though it may give someone else a clue to solve your problem.
Best of luck


DVD Burner problem?

Most motherbords have two ide controlers. If you ahve a SATA HD you could put a drive on each controler to speed things up. But the cable thing sounds more likely. Stupid mesh.