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DTP Software


DTP Software

im sure adobe make one, inpage or somthing

DTP Software

Can anybody recommend a decent, powerful DTP application for Windows XP?

At present, I use Scribus within SuSe Linux for my DTP needs (mainly newsletter design and production) However, when I start my new job in September I will be using Windows XP most of the time, so I need something which will run on this.

Ideally, I would be looking for a package with integrated PDF support (export) however I could do this using other methods is needed.

Opensource software in preferable, although I would also consider commercial alternatives.

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DTP Software

I've always found serif pageplus 10 very good; unless you get a deal through your school / college it's a little pricey though (the current version is 11 which I havent used).

However older versions are avaiable from for free...

DTP Software

Openoffice org. is a free office suite

Mine has an export as .pdf button on it, but I also have adobe, so I am not sure if it comes as standard or not.

It has that nice linux feel and is compatible with msoffice 2000/xp. (Save as the relevant office file.)

for the free download
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DTP Software

Openoffice is good, and can do simple layouts, but it is not as flexible as a dedicated DTP package. Serif Pageplus is quite good, as Daniel says. I use Adobe InDesign at work, which is very good but expensive.

If you are used to Scribus I think it has been ported to Windows, although I don't know what stage its development is at. Must be worth a look.