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DG834G and extending wireless range

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DG834G and extending wireless range

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has used anything to boost the wireless signal on a DG834G router.

I seem to have a room in my house that is just a dead spot in terms of reliable strong signal... xp says the signal is "low".

I have found that netgear do a "5 dBi Omni-directional Antenna" but it needs a cable and the Neatgear site says the antenna cable "Works with NETGEAR DG824M, FM114P, FVM318 and ME103"

No mention of DG834G Sad

Any ideas?

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DG834G and extending wireless range

Thats because they havent got FCC compliance with that device and their omni-directional antennas yet. (On their site you will find a document saying that it will definately work with the ANT2409 , which is just the 9dB version of the ANT2405)...and their FCC list doesnt mention your device at all.

However, if you google for DG834G and ANT2405 you will see there are some network hardware sites (mainly in France and Germany) that offer them as a complete package...

If you are considering buying an omni-directional antenna, its probably worth reading the manual on them as they no not improve the signal in all directions...

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DG834G and extending wireless range

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DG834G and extending wireless range

Solwise have been supplying quite a few DG834G
users with their 5db omnidirectional antennas,
I think you may need the ReSMA plug but you can check
this if you unscrew the existing one, or give Solwise a call.