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DG 834-based Wireless Network


DG 834-based Wireless Network

Hi. I have a single PC with Win XP SP2, using the DG834 for Net access, & intend adding a second PC, within a home network. I've used the XP wireless set-up and network set-up wizards to prepare my system, but still have a few questions.

1) Are a Netgear WG602 access point and WG111 USB 2.0 adapter a workable combination for the 2nd PC? Netgear info sheets for both don't actually use that combo, but I have a feeling that it should be okay, from what I've read (from experience, I have little faith in Netgear's online support)

2) Is wireless security just a matter of ensuring I have AT, AV, fw, & other security on the second PC or are there wireless-specific requirements? For example, do ICS and file-sharing need to be secured by means other than the WEP protocol thingy (!) ?

Ta very much.

DG 834-based Wireless Network

You wil not need ICS at all, the connection is straight to the router. Looking at the wg111 it only supports wep which is not vey secure. You would be better off buying a PCI card. However it will work.

DG 834-based Wireless Network

Thank you very much, likely.

I was more interested in a USB key because it means that I don't have to open the tower up, & because the XP wireless wizard suggests that using the USB key is more secure than manually creating a network.

As a result of what you say, I'll reconsider, & will look into the difference between WEP and WPA (google - here I come..).
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DG 834-based Wireless Network


Likely says
Looking at the wg111 it only supports wep which is not vey secure

which is very true. 64 Bit WEP is easily broken. 128 is better. WPA is better still. However, are you running a business or just a home network ? It is easy to setup the WAP / Firewall to only allow specific MAC addresses to pass through. Whilst MAC address spoofing is also possible, who wants to go through that hassle to get into your network. Only someone fairly close will be able to pick up your network. With careful setting up of SSID's and MAC filtering, nobody will bother for a home network.

If it's a business..........then WPA is essential.

DG 834-based Wireless Network


See this thread.

DG 834-based Wireless Network

Thanks for your advice, phil and barstewards.

phil - Because of what likely said about WEP, I researched WEP & WPA, & have decided to look at the combination of the Netgear WG602 and WG311T wireless adapter, because the firmware, in theory, should by now support WPA. I have seen refs to WEP's having been proven to be not-so-secure, so your helpful post confirms that for me.

barsteward - I'll check that link out.