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D-Link's good Service

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D-Link's good Service

I have just had a D-Link 504T Router fail in service. It has been used for about 10 months and last week it just died. Cry
On the Monday I found my original receipt and decided to ring D-Link support using the number shown on their website. After after picking my way through the usual press this for that and this for the other I only had to listen to the music for a minute or so. Smiley

After explaining the fault symptoms to a service rep and just checking with him that the reset button didn't bring it back into life he gave me a returns number and said that I would be contacted soon.
Sure enough within the hour I had an email confirming the number and giving me details of how to return the device.
It was quite late on Monday when I got the router to the Post Office and on it's way to D-Link.
Imagine my surprise when early Wednesday morning a parcel arrived containing a brand new router.

Top marks to them for customer service and I have emailed them back to express my opinion on this. Cheesy Cheesy