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Create a 'button clicking' app??

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Create a 'button clicking' app??

Hi all, what I am trying to achieve is to fully automate the creation of a master image to be rolled-out to 1500+ machines within my firm. LANDesk is the chosen tool to capture and deploy the image, Ghost cannot be used because we are only licensed for LANDesk.

Everything is automated except, a tiny utility called LDPrep.exe, which alters the registry after sysprep and before capture, to allow driver injection to work... and it works wonderfully! However, LDPrep.exe does not have any switches at all. So I cannot install silently, the dialogue box it produces must be manually clicked.

So what I need to do is spawn a 'button clicking' app before LDPrep.exe is launched. That way, it'll click the OK button automatically, hence fully automate the creation of the master image.

Well, I have little programming knowledge and had no luck from google searching so... the question is... how do I create a 'button clicking' app to do this please?

Create a 'button clicking' app??

take a look over at :

they have some tools for that stuff