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Could This Be A Virus - Missing System.ini


Could This Be A Virus - Missing System.ini

Hi. When I saw my friend at the weekend his computer was fine but suddenly, yesterday when he switched his computer on the Windows splash screen came on as normal, then the blue background just before the icons normally load. He says that the sound was distorted and for about 2 minutes or so the icons didn't appear at all, then the screen went blank and a message (white writing on a black background) said something to the tune of "can't load windows - missing system.ini file".

He has a Mesh PC with AMD Athlon 1GHz processor, 256MB Ram 30GB HDD on an Asus mobo (don't know the model), with VIA KT133 chipset running Windows ME.

He tells me that he just did mondain tasks on his pc like browsing the net, and e-mail. He remembers opening e-mail but nothing dodgy.

Question is, why should the system.ini file suddenly go missing? I updated his AVG Antivirus software and Norton Personal Firewall software for him over the weekend and performed a full scan of his PC with AVG and all seemed fine. I know AVG isn't perfect but thought it was ok for him. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Last night I helped him to restore the pc back to the state it was in on Saturday evening and he can not boot into windows and all seems to be fine. This was done using the Mesh recovery CD-Rom. The backup was taken before I updated his software for him so I know this needs to be done again.
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Could This Be A Virus - Missing System.ini

Get him to do a online virus scan, just incase it is a virus that can disabled the AVG exe.

I use that one once a month just incase my AVG misses something. But also check that he knows what not to open and not to click in emails. eg's: .zip .exe .scr .bat .cmd

No point in having an anti virus scanner if human error creeps in

edit: forgot to say that online scanner needs to be run in IE not Opera or the installer it uses won't work
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Could This Be A Virus - Missing System.ini

Thanks for your reply. I will certainly get him to do an online virus check. He doesn't normally open dodgy e-mails but if it was one of those that execute themselves you never know.

I shall be speaking to him shortly and see how things have gone today.

BTW in my previous message I gave mention about the sound but forgot to mention the sound card; its a Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1024 PCI. When the system was rolled back to Saturday evening's state the sound was ok.

Could This Be A Virus - Missing System.ini

Ask if he knows of any power spikes, dropouts or other electical issues experianced in the last week.

Missing and currupt system files are a symptom of not shutting down correctly (one good example of why you should).

This and the distorted sound could be caused by a spike shuch as this.

Could This Be A Virus - Missing System.ini

That's a very good point. I will speak to him later today (couldn't get intouch last night) and ask him this.

Thank you. Will report back when I have more info.

Could This Be A Virus - Missing System.ini

Last night I spoke to my friend who informs me that everything is alright with his PC now, he has now carefully checked that all the cables are connected correctly. Thanks again for your replies.