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Corsair RAM timings


Corsair RAM timings


I have just overclocked my 2600+ XP to 11 * 200FSB... which is up to 3200+ specs and runs stable at 37C idle Cool ... I also have 2*512 Mb Corsair XMS3200C2 RAM...

...when I had the FSB at 333 i had the RAM timings set to 2-2-2-6, now with the o/c they are set to 2.5-3-3-6...

overall i actually get a benchmarking reduction with the overclock in 3dmark2001SE which I put down to the RAM timings...

is this benchmark represenitive of actual performance? how low should I be able to set the RAM timings at 400FSB? should i go back to the pre o/c settings?

any advice appreciated


Corsair RAM timings

The default memory timimgs for your RAM are :
2.5 3 3 6 on AMD platforms and 2 3 3 6 on Intel,
so it appears you have the correct settings.
It's a complicated art to overclock you could try
the intel settings it's unlikely to do any harm
you may notice some instability.I don't know how high
you've upped the voltage on the CPU it may also be
necessary to do this with the graphics card and memory.
3d mark is only one of many benchmarks,
you could also try Sisoft Sandra the free version has a
few benchmarks to test the CPU and memory.
Also try Prime 95, run the torture test and see if
your system is stable.
Overall i'd say that the higher CPU speed would benefit the
system most and as your running the memory at default
timings your OK.
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Corsair RAM timings

Try experimenting with different ram timings then do a full memory test with memtest86+. If that fails to run properly try the older version memtest86.

Run at least the default 7 tests and once you have found the fastest RAM speed run all 11 tests which take a lot longer but tests a lot more. As soon as it reports memory errors try another ram setting.

I always use the above when overclocking to get the best stable CPU speed and ram combination. Sometimes you have to up the CPU/FSB and lower the ram timimg for stability. Upping the CPU and DDR voltages can also produce stable operation at higher/faster settings.

Corsair RAM timings

thanks guys... i've got memtest86 so i guess i'll just try tighter timings and see what happens

my mobo is an nf7-s so i have access to all the voltages... CPU is set at 1.75 for the o/c... is that OK?

full system spec is

XP 2600+ @ 11*200 1.75v 37C idle
1Gb Corsair XMS3200C2
80Gb Seagate SATA HD
Radeon 9800pro

the desire to overclock is entirely based on trying to get the best frame rates possible for FPS games so it also have to be rock solid Cheesy

if i ran the memory at 2-2-2-6 before, should the o/c change the minimum timings?

Corsair RAM timings

thanks for your help

...just to let you know i'm running stable with the o/c and RAM @ 2-2-3-11

very happy Cheesy