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Copying a bootable CD


Copying a bootable CD

I've had for a while a bootable utility CD similar to the Ultimate Boot CD and have in the past made quite a few copies using Nero Burning 5 and they have always booted up okay into the DOS type utility screen.

Also on the CD are two folders full of other stuff, such as Windows based tools, shareware, trial software, which are accessed through a simple auto run CD menu screen.

These two folders are now outdated and so I went to make a new CD compiled from all the folders and files that comprise the bootable part and autorun menu but replacing the two outdated folders with two new updated folders.

The problem is the resulting CD's will not boot into the utility screen.

I have tried compiling in Nero using old CD plus new files and then burning direct.
I have tried creating an ISO in Nero and saving to hard disk before burning.
have also tried the bootable CD option, the copy from which was recognised as a bootable CD but didn't actually boot.
Have also checked for hidden files but can't see any.

The theory suggests I should just be able to create an ISO and burn a disc but it is not working for me.

Can anyone see where I an going wrong or suggest a new way?

Many thanks in advance. Also have Nero Express Suite 3 available.

Copying a bootable CD

This can be a pain to do at times. If you have a r/w cd use that to save making coasters.
What you are laking is the boot files boot,ima. You can get them and details of how you make a bootable cd from

These are primary used for slipstreaming an O/S but the princple is the same you just your own files the boot tutor is the same.

You can somtimes get away with coping the whole of the old cd to your HD changing the files and then burn it. 9/10 this will work but use the r/w cd to test it.

For more in depth details and tools for bootable cd try