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Constant restarts on booting


Constant restarts on booting

I have a PC using XP that is giving me a load of grief at the moment.
When booting it goes through a cycle of about 10 restarts, some that complete through to log on, some that do not.
There is often a non windows on screen message such as "loss of signal" or "power saver active" between the restarts.
Because of the constant restarts it seems to trash a reinstallment of XP in no time and any other installed software. IE or Outlook cannot run longer than say 10 minutes before the "Encounted a problem and needs to close" message pops up.
As for the restarts I suspect a dry solder joint somewhere as once it gets going it stays going.
What ever the problem is I would welcome any ideas or past experience of the same.

Constant restarts on booting

I had a similar problem when I change to XP SP2 Only way out was to go back to SP1 version. Dont know if you have recently dl SP2.
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Constant restarts on booting

The "loss of signal" messages will be generated by your monitor when it loses the signal from the PC. I would suspect a hardware problem. First try opening the case (with PC off!) and pull out the memory cards, graphics card, hard drive connectors etc one by one and put them back in properly to make sure all the contacts are clean.

Failing that, most likely suspect is the hard drive - they are mechanical devices so are subject to wear. Next up would be the motherboard - we had two or three PC's at work which would crash repeatedly and were cured by a new MB.

If the PC is fairly new then take it back to the supplier for a check, hard drives and MB's are fairly cheap these days so are worth a try.


Constant restarts on booting

Had SP2 since it's launch, never been a problem.
Since the problem starts before XP kicks in I think I need to look elsewhere.
Thanks for your reply.

I agree it probably is a hardware fault.
I just noticed that the fan on the graphics card spins very slowly. Since it is only a G4 MX440 I reckon the fan is only for cosmetic reasons and not really needed. But then again the "loss of signal" makes me think perhaps the fault could lie here.
Thoughts anyone?

Constant restarts on booting

The MX440 does need a fan AFAIK, when you say it is running very slowly just how slowly are we talking? Certainly until the OS loads with any fan control software I would expect the fan to be running too fast for you to be able to see the blades.

The problem is that this could be nearly anything, I would go one further than suggested and strip your PC right down, just have the CPU, GFX card, one stick of memory and your main HDD - see if you can get it to boot. Then gradually add components back in.

Also, if you can get to it, right-click "My Computer" and take "Properties", then click on the "Startup and Recovery" tab. Un-tick "Automatically restart" in the "System Failure" section.

If you then get a BSOD instead of a reboot (which I think from memory you should??) then do a google search for the error, this can often* point straight to the problem.

Hope this helps.....


* = Never for me, but hope springs eternal Wink

2 Possibilities

Have you checked your system for virii and spyware, these could be stopping the PC booting or acting erratically

AVG 7 Free version is good
Also Spybot S&D is another recommendation

Secondly have you tried looking in the BIOS (usually delete or F2 as the PC boots) and checking what the temperature of your PC is (it will be in a section called system health or along those lines)?

If it is overheating then there may be a shutdown feature on the motherboard which is cutting out the power to avoid damage to the system

If hardware I suspect the Power supply is faulty or the motherboard (or both)

Finally Clean out the graphics and processor fans as rubbish in these will slow down the fans and cause the system to overheat

Constant restarts on booting

The blue screen of death.
For the first 5 or 6 crashes the PC does not get past the post stage. Using your suggestion of blocking automatic restarts, when it finally gets past the post and crashes with XP it reports a problem with kmixer.sys
Best I can make out this is a Widows 2000 file and relates to audio.
So maybe it's a sound card problem (Soundblaster 4.1)
Now the PC is running I can not duplicate the problem until it decides to play up again.
Still it's a start, even though I put my money on it being a hardware problem I will try some different drivers.

As it is not my main PC I have tried various reinstalls of XP to no avail, with various amounts of updates and sevice packs etc. Still crashes on the first run before any chance of getting a virus. There is no tempreture problem either,
The PC is made up of old parts but has been running for years. It looks like a swap each part one at a time method to track down the culprit.

Constant restarts on booting

If you can get into your BIOS settings, make a note of their current values.
Then there should be an option in there to reset the values to "Factory Settings".
It could be one of these values has been changed or is not compatiable with the hardward you now have on the motherboard.
The "Factory" settings are least optimized but higher on compatibility.