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Connection to Plusnet ISP does not always happen


Connection to Plusnet ISP does not always happen

Logging in on computer A, I get the ADSL green arrows but no flashing terminal icon appears. When I click on the Voyager modem icon, error message informs that connection is already being dialled. This never completes.

When I do eventually connect, I get skype but not Internet Explorer (all I get is the page not found message)

Replacing computer A with a laptop, the connection occurs each time and I get skype, Internet explorer and everything.

Please can someone tell me what is wrong, I've checked the IE settings on both the computer A and the laptop and it all seems ok.

I have had problems with my BT line recently; however, I note that the broadband connection to the ISp is lost on computer A but never on the laptop.

Confused and frustrated!