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Connection freezes


Connection freezes

Just recently I have been experiencing a problem whereby without warning and for no apparent reason my Internet (Broadband) connection suddenly freezes. Happens up to a few times a day. Can happen when the connection is active or idle.

I can then not properly disconnect and reconnect but have to reboot - with the power button because PC then also does not shut down properly.

On trying to shut down, I also get an error message "Connections Tray not responding". I have disabled the taskbar connections icon from showing, which prevents this particular error message but the whole problem remains the same.

I may be wrong but I think it's a computer problem and nothing to do with PlusNet. It's quite a new machine, too, and everything worked just fine until a few days ago. Haven't found any useful information about this on the Internet.

Does anybody know anything about this kind of error?

Thank you,
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Connection freezes

What hardware are you using to connect? Is it a USB Modem? Or a router?

Connection freezes

USB modem - ZyXEL Prestige 600

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Connection freezes

I've seen this problem whilst using a USB modem (voyager 105).

Not sure if it was related to the large number of usb devices I had connected to the PC or not - as I bought a router before exploring the reason for the problem fully.
Suffice to say I have never had this problem recur since connecting via ethernet to a router.
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Connection freezes

This sounds like the 'ol USB modem' problem that gave everyone a lot of stick in the early days of ADSL.

The problem is that a USB port can supply up to 500mA to an device; beyond that a software fuse come in and limits/cuts the device off.
Some USB modems draw extremely close to 500mA and draw more current as they warm up and when they process higher speeds. They even vary between devices of the same type and model. So it sounds as if you might have this problem. This is the major reason for most people using an Ethernet interface to a self-powered modem.

If you can, try a self-powered modem, a powered USB hub often works as well, and if not, get a modem/router with an Ethernet connection and connect that way.

Cheers, Mike