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Connecting Two PCs


Connecting Two PCs

Hi.. Smiley
Have a new Vista computer...i want to keep my old one for backup purposes

Bought a "one port" router from Ebuyer three years ago..and hooked it up to the ethernet socket on my computer ..(didn't want to use the USB modem provided)

Now... do i need to buy a crossover cable to transfer files from my old comp to my new comp??....If i do....and i hook these up via their ethernet sockets..can i keep them permanently connected?....sort of using my old pc as a external hard drive to transfer files back and forth??..

If i can.. where do i plug in my router on my new Pc??

Do i have to use the USB modem my ISP provided..because the ethernet socket on my Pc is all ready in use??

Btw...Do not want to link both comps up the the internet..just the new one!


Will one of these do the job as well??
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Connecting Two PCs

Your options are.
Get a crossover cable to link the 2 pc's which will mean you have to disconnect from the internet while you do this.

Get a switch and cables and put this between the router and pc's with this both pc can connect to the internet and transfer files cost about £15 for a cheap and nasty one.

get a 4 port router modem and replace your one port one again both pcs can use the internet and transfer files. look at thi sone on ebay

These are marvelous router for £10 I have 2 and its given great service. search on ebay for origo they are often on for £10 and you get the cables.

To by a crossover cable can set you back £5+
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Connecting Two PCs

The router is the best option for that price!

Alternatively, you could buy another Network Adapter or USB to RJ45 adapter and add it to the main internet PC. But you would need a crossover cable or for about 3.30 get an adapter which looks ok for under 2 pounds.

The choice is yours! Cheesy
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Connecting Two PCs

I'd reccomend a router. I used to do things via cross over cables and internet connection sharing ICS and it was always a nightmare to get it working. The router can always be connected and either pc can connect at anytime independantly.

With ICS you also need to have the net connected pc on and online to get a connection on the second pc. It makes the 2nd machine dependant on the 1st and meaans you have 2 machines to turn on just to get one online.