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Connecting 5.1 PC speakers to TV


Connecting 5.1 PC speakers to TV

Hi guys.

Sorry if this is a daft question, but does anyone know if the Creative Inspire T6060's and the Logitech X-530's be connected to the TV for general day-to-day use?

If so what connector would I need? (the TV has 3 scart sockets)
At the moment I have the DVD going to AV1 and Sky going to AV2

My Sky box is a Thomson DSI4212 and has 2 rca type audio out sockets in addition to the scarts.


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Connecting 5.1 PC speakers to TV

You can't connect the speakers directly to SCART or phono outputs. SCART connectors have audio output on some of the pins, but like RCA phono outputs they are "line level", which is a very low power signal designed to be passed on to an amplifier which then provides enough power to drive speakers.

So what you need is an amplifier. If you just want stereo then any hifi seperates or all in one system will do it. If you want full 5.1 surround then you need an amplifier which is made for the purpose. I suggest you start by visiting your local electrical shops and see what they have, or try a home cinema magazine - they are always full of adverts and advice.