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Connect Sitecom wireless Router to D-Link ADSL Router


Connect Sitecom wireless Router to D-Link ADSL Router

Well I thought this might be simple. Sad Get my ADSL Router connected to the internet and PC then plug the wireless router between the two. Lights work but I can't communicate with the wireless router. I am not using any wireless cards yet. It is simply plugged directly between PC and ADSL router. Network settings should be the same without the wireless router as with or should it? :?: :? Give us a clue
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Connect Sitecom wireless Router to D-Link ADSL Router

Can you give the full make & model numbers for both routers please. Also say if they are a single port or multi-port router and if the wireles router also has Ethetnet ports for connecting to PCs

I take it the sitecom does not have an ADSL modem fitted and was designed to connect to a broadband (i.e. cable) modem.

So I take it you originally had the Dlink on it's own, connected to the phone socket and also connected to your PC via an Ethernet cable. Have you now connected the EThernet cable that was plugged into your PC into the sitecom's WAN port (where the cable modem should be connected) or have you connected it up differently to that.

If you explain what connects to what and how and with what cable we may be able to understand your setup and thus help further.

Also what are the default IP addresses for both routers?

Connect Sitecom wireless Router to D-Link ADSL Router

Your assumptions are correct in every point. The Dlink DSL-504 ADSL router is the original router which has an in built modem, four ethernet ports and an ADSL link to the phone line ADSL filter thingy. I have been using this successfully to connect to the internet. Cheesy

I recently bought a Sitecom Wireless Network broadband router 100 g+ which has four ethernet ports and a port to connect to a modem. I wish to allow my daughter and step-son to access the internet on there own computers without bothering me. My idea is that each would have a PCI card 100 g+, but it appears to be back-firing. Shockedops: I thought it would be a simple job.

However I encountered this problem. To check whether the new router can connect correctly to the net I plugged a network cable from the PC in to the no. 1 ethernet port on the wireless router and then attached a network cable from the ADSL port of this wireless router to no.1 port on the original Dlink router. The Dlink remained connected to the phone line filter thingy. I left my computor network IP settings as they are (automatic detection of network connections). I then opened the explorer and typed in the address given in their hand book for the wireless router. ( Result ....Zeelch. Sad .

I have fiddled around all day. Taken the router back to the shop. They replaced it just to get me out of their way. Still none the wiser. Its a bit of mystery, can you help? Cry

I use Windows 98. The IP address for my original router the DLink is